SmartDefense™ Services
Provide your PC with real-time security updates and new attack protection capabilities to help defenses stay continuously ahead of today’s constantly evolving threat landscape.

SmartDefense Updates add new defense mechanism and automatically distribute new spyware and virus signatures to your PC for up-to-date protection.

DefenseNet™ is a network community that connects over hundreds of thousands of ZoneAlarm users together to quickly share and identify potentially dangerous, unknown applications and signatures, blocking newly released spyware. This ZoneAlarm user community automatically reports potential threats identified by ZoneAlarm Program Control to ZoneAlarm SmartDefense™ Research Center. The ZoneAlarm Security Research Team automatically catalogue, identify and validate the newly found potential threats, and update the DefenseNet™ database accordingly to protect ZoneAlarm users from new spyware and malicious threats. DefenseNet continuously updates its library with information obtained from its community ZoneAlarm members.

At work for several years, DefenseNet™ enables millions of active ZoneAlarm users to share security knowledge and provide instant feedback to help ZoneAlarm's security experts discover new malware programs. All information exchanged between ZoneAlarm products and DefenseNet™ is transmitted securely and privately. The data sent in each ZoneAlarm user's log is completely anonymous; the log only includes simple threat signatures, and it never includes personal information that can associate user or his/her computer with any sent data.

User notification of allow/deny permission/auto configuration - Once a spyware or malware program is detected, the user is presented for possible removal. ZoneAlarm Security Research Team assesses the "threat" posed by potentially unwanted program and may, depending on the established "threat level," adjust the "Recommended Action" presented to ZoneAlarm users from “Allow” or “Ask” to "Block" or "Kill".